This week, Val started the show off on a serious note talking about Dr. Frank Zaker.  They then went into the 100,000 poisonings that occur a year and most are those are with children within their home.  A few tips on storage and disposal of toxins and behaviors to avoid were discussed. The most important take home message was have the poison control information readily available for anyone in the home; the number to post in your home is 1-800-222-1222. Dr. Zaker and Val did something you may never have heard on the radio; they showed their listeners a slide show of a vacation. The family vacation to Mexico is a must listen.   In the second and third segment Tom Kens, a wellness coach and fitness trainer, joined the show to talk about ways to improve your lifestyle through healthy living.  Some myths were debunked by Tom and activity advice given throughout the great visit on “Eyes on Health”. Finally, a listener joined to play a fun “Sweet Dreams are Made of These Game” for a Navy Pier experience prize.  Listen to the show and play the true/false game yourself.

Shape Up at Home and Sweet Dreams Game – Eyes on Health – February 26, 2011

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