Dr. Frank Zaker and Val started the show by discussing a major change in children’s coverage for family medical insurance plans.   After talking about some of the advantages of aspirin, Cassie Vanderwall, a consultant dietitian and a certified personal trainer joined Dr. Frank.  They focused on the national epidemic that is childhood obesity. Great advice and information was given on how to use proper portion sizes and how to modify behaviors to help with this problem.  The behaviors Cassie mentioned were not only geared towards active play with kids, but importantly she focused on what the parents can do to properly care for the nutritional demand for children during different age groups.  Dr. Zaker then took a few callers and played a true/false game for a free Vera Wang designer sunglasses give away.

This show is a great listen for any parent or grandparent who may want better resources or more information on nutrition.   

Childhood Obesity – Eyes on Health – March 6, 2011