CooperVision recalled over 6 million Avaira contact lenses due to a contamination of silicone oil residue on the contact lenses.  If you are wearing the recalled Avaira lens or the previously recalled Avaira Toric contact lenses, we recommend that you discontinue the use of these products.  You should wear your eyeglasses until you are able to see your Optometrist for a refit into a different type of contact lens.

To see if your Avaira contact lenses are a part of the recall you can insert the lot information from your packaging on CooperVision’s website;|Category_Contact%20Lens_Recall|Category_Contact%20Lens_Recall_Phrase|contact_lens_recall|Phrase

If your lenses are not apart of the recall, please continue your wear as directed, your lenses are safe to wear.

Call our office today if you need a refit with one of our Optometrists or if you have any questions. Our office number is (708)237-2020.