“Dr. Zaker, I want to wear contacts, but I’m afraid it will go behind my eye.” This is a very common concern that patients have when they think about wearing contact lenses. Don’t be afraid, a contact lens does not have the capability to go behind the eye. We thank the conjunctiva for this protection. The conjunctiva is a clear tissue that covers the entire front surface of the eye except for the cornea. It fully covers the sclera, the white of the eye, and continues towards the area where the eye lid and sclera come together. It then continues along the inside portion of the eyelid. The diagram below shows how the conjunctiva is one continuous tissue and it spans the gap between the eye lid and eye-ball and because of this, there is no way the contact lens can go behind the eye.

After rubbing their eyes too hard, patients may lose their contact lens in the far corners under the eyelids.  Most of them are able to remove the contact lens on their own, but some who are unable remove it. For those patients that need assistance, we are able to remove the contact lens without complications.

Once again, don’t worry, your contact lens will not go behind your eye.