Heterochromia iridium is a condition that one eye has a different color than the other. It can be a completely different color altogether or it can be a slight variation in the pigmentation and color.  This can be congenital or an acquired difference between the irises. If the heterchromia is an acquired change, it may be a side effect from certain medications or there may be some other issues with the health of the eye and/or body that need to be examined.

People with heterochromia

Goggles were made for Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer to “match” his heterchromia for a champagne celebration.

 Kate Bosworth

 Mila Kunis

 Jane Seymour

 Simon Pegg

 Dan Aykroyd

Look closely the next time you see one of these celebrities in a movie or on TV to spot their different eye colors.


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